The weather has been grey and glowering for the past two days, and all three of us just a bit under the weather. That's the only explanation I have for why Q and I spent the evening taking pictures of our feet.
Come to think of it, Q has been a bit foot-obsessed lately. It isn't unusual for me to hear a strange, lop-sided, elephantine clumping coming down the hall, only to find her with one tiny foot threaded through one of my heavy platform thongs. With her rubbery little joints, I'm always afraid she's going to twist an ankle...but she's determined to wear mommy's shoes.
Sometimes, when we're walking down the street, she'll stop in the middle of the sidewalk in order to touch her feet, and then my feet, and then her own again, smiling proudly. I'm not sure what it means, but it's sweet.
I heart my girl.


Tina said...

oh cute!!! (it means she LOVES you too!)

Yoli said...

Look at those legs!Wow! I agree with Tina, it is a sign of affection. I love taking pictures of my kids feet and hands.

Geisslein said...

I agree with Tina too...what a beautiful gesture...Wish you a beautiful day!

Charlie said...

Too sweet! Tina is right, she loves you back mommy and one day she wants to be like you and wear beautiful shoes like her mommy:-)
Great moments, thank you for sharing it.