In the interest of demystifying the dentist's office, my husband and I took Q to along to a recent family teeth-cleaning. Our dentist's office - rather stark and elegant, as you can see, is located in a section of Denver known as the Golden Triangle.
If you're wondering where the lovely soft-focus filter came from, it's steak grease. Q saw fit to plop my pocket camera facedown on a plate of steak that we'd set in front of her during a recent dinner. It has mucked up the works a bit, but it still serves its purpose.
Nearby in the Golden Triangle is one of my favorite stores in all of Denver - a modern design venue called Kartell.
Just take a look around....

Can you help but love this lamp? It belongs in the lair of a mad scientist, no?
Nothing makes you forget a dental visit more quickly than a good design shop.


Merisi said...

The dentist's office and the design shop both showcase modern design at its best. I love the triangels and the light in the images with the little one in the dentist's office.
I wished modern design was not so extremely expensive here. Much to my chagrin I discovered that certain pieces I would have loved to have cost almost double the price here (that is, 300 Dollars are 600 Euros here - wished the real exchange rate were that high!).

Your dentist's location made me smile. Before moving here, I asked I friend about name and address of his dentist (my friend moved years ago to France, but is still travelling to V. to see that dentist - I figured he must be good *g*). He wrote back that his dentist lived at Porzellangasse (Porcelain Lane), which may as well be renamed Goldgasse, after all the money he has left over there over the years. ;-)

Sophie said...

Qiu qiu is quite the stylish young lady - love the long flowing scarf motif.

We have a reproduction eames rocker, which in our last apartment lived in the bathroom for post-bath towel-swathed reading. Quite the most comfortable thing - I often consider knocking down a wall in the current bathroom so as to have room again...

Yoli said...

Love all of this! You would laugh if you knew the lengths I have to go and the kiddy doctor I go to. As always the Q in red is a hit.