I've been in love with yellow lately. I'm sure it's the season. Today, our clear, dry, unequivocal Colorado air was suffused with just a hint of moisture and a tang like air off the sea - warm and cool at once. It was impossible not to smile. Moments like that, there is a cloud of yellow tulle in front of my eyes and everything looks that particular shade of translucent spring sunshine.

In honor of the mood, I'm going to do a post of photos that have been tickling my yellow fancy of late, from some of my favorite bloggers.

(The one above, of course, is my very own Q watering our first flower boxes of the season)

photo credits: amberbyday
From Amber by Day.

photo credits: l'atelier d'audrey
From abcde...wxyz

photo credits: withoutmelissa/stayforeversunday
From Stay Forever Sunday.

From Heidi at Gloubi*bloga.

photo credits: thecherryblossomgirl

From The Cherry Blossom Girl.

From Katie Lockhart.


call-me-Heidi said...

how seet!!!! thank you so much!

jen laceda said...

Lovely yellow finds!

Amber said...

I feel so honoured to be on your blog and amongst such gorgeous photos!! Thank you!