Speaking of houses...desert rat that I am, this house was one of the earliest of my design inspirations. The Kaufmann house in Palm Springs, designed in 1946 by Richard Neutra, and commissioned by the same man who commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to build Fallingwater in Pennsylvania . I also did one of my final papers in design school on this house.

Photos via here.


jen laceda said...

This is MY kind of house! The one that is in my head all the time...

FDChief said...

I went to school with the son of the family that owned Fallingwater. He was deeply conflicted about it.

He appreciated it from the aesthetic view; it was a truly beautiful house and there were moments when he could hardly bear to leave it, it and its surroundings (which was Wright's intention, to embed the house in the gorgeous terrain).

At the same time he said that, as a HOME, it was awful. The "public spaces were wonderful, living rooms and such. But he remembered his bedroom as poky and tiny, with his clothes and toys and things piled up in heaps or in boxes. The construction had been way beyond the contractor the original owner had hired, so the thing leaked viciously, they were always repairing wiring and plumbing and the like. Gave me a very unique perspective on FLW houses.

But I agree with you - these houses LOOK wonderful.