Broadway and South Broadway are Denver's official vintage-hunting district. The news station where my husband works is only a block from the heart of it, and every now and then we get the yen to browse the old booksellers, vintage clothing meccas, and antique marts that spread to the south. On this day, we started our rounds with a stop into Sputnik, a bar/eatery/music venue, for some superb sandwiches.
I love the old-school salon chairs that serve as a lounge at the front of the restaurant.
Q was fascinated with the battered and crochety but still-serviceable photo booth.
Refueled, Daddy and Q indulged mommy in a little vintage clothes shopping (you can see my spoils - or rather spoil, since I was frugal - below).
You can see Q getting pretty excited about a vintage needlepoint cushion here...I think it's the bird (and though I'm not a needlepoint type, it was a nicely done bird, at that). She and Mommy both are having rather a bird moment lately.
...I love the way her eyebrows shoot up into her forehead when she sees something she likes!
While Mommy tried on mumus and peignoires, Daddy and Q stopped in to Rock The Cradle next door - a funky toddler store, where they found Q a very ska-appropriate houndstooth t-shirt and some hipster sock-shoes.
Window shopping the funky antique book marts (since the last thing we need in this house is one more book!).
This little dress was my one indulgence. It's handmade and so beautifully done. But the thing that sold me was the fabric. What a gorgeous pattern, isn't it?


Yoli said...

What find Maia! It is really pretty. Those shots of the Q in her white sweater are to die for. I love the first, with her peeking from her Daddy's arm.

Tina Tarnoff said...

The dress is absolutely gorgeous - I love vintage hunting! And your girl always makes me smile - she is so lovely!

jen laceda said...

Gorgeous dress indeed! I love those shots of you and Q!

call-me-Heidi said...

ok the dress is nice but god! you're gorgeous, woman!!!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Thanks, guys! Actually, the dress (50s style) is not my ideal cut. It makes me look a bit matronly in real life ;) But I still love it. It's quite the work of vintage art.

And, Heidi - you make me blush. It's not easy to feel beautiful when you're chasing around a toddler who keeps you in pajamas and dirty hair 90% of the time, who trashes your entire house once every four hours, and who manages to look dewy and gorgeous through it all, even with bedhead and oatmeal all over her face.

MODsquad said...

Isn't Broadway fabulous!! The girls and I go quite often to get our vintage fix! Your right... no better place!

Darling dress!