A little rundown of some things that are inspiring me right now. If I have not credited your photos properly, please correct me! Hopefully, I've linked everything in an appropriate fashion.

photo credit: pene*lope, Fille et moi blog

The stunning photos at Fille et moi. So poetic, every time.
In these photos, the little girl is wearing an outfit from one of my favorite clothing designers...

...and the source of the clothing above, L'atelier de Marie et Rose-Alice, which I simply adore. Her clothes for children are lovely and the blog is always a work of art!
photo credit: l'atelier de marie et rose-alice blog

A wonderfully funky kid-centric site, Lilouka.
photo credit: Lilouka

photo credit: The Unicorn Diaries

As ever, the fanciful and mysterious Unicorn Diaries.

Tavi of style rookie.
photo credit: tavi, style rookie

Liivian Talossa blog is always beautiful, but in recent weeks - maybe it's the season - it has been particularly poetic. I just wish I could read it!
photo credit: liivian talossa blog

Always an inspiration, and a daily visit for me, all*over*print. Ayelet is a textile designer (check out the link to her designs!) and a wonderful cataloger of the things that inspire her work. She has an amazing eye for collecting images.
photo credit: ayelet inotef, all*over*print

The wonderful travel blog of Jen Laceda, Folie a Deux.
photo credit: Jen Laceda, Folie a Deux


Yoli said...

Beautiful inspirations all.

all*over*print said...

Hi, just found my blog mentioned
its fun !!
Thanks (:

Anonymous said...

also a BIG fan of MRA!