My husband.
Somewhere up a draw in Southern Utah.
We found this place very randomly on a roadtrip. There was not a soul within miles of this place. But judging by this car, I'd say that this was once the hideout of either Bonnie and Clyde or
alias Smith and Jones.
In any case, we felt right at home here.
And the light was awesome.


Maggie May said...

Look at you sexy things!

jen laceda said...

Never thought of going to Utah...but you 2 just convinced me!

flyinamber said...

I was very busy last posted so many beautiful things and photos here!
like your ruined place in the desert!

FDChief said...

Y'all look very Western, in a romantic sort of way.

Anna said...

Wow-you guys are a good-looking pair. Love the mood of the photos and how you both seem to melt into the scenery as if you've been there all along.

You seemed interested in my Found Object Friday a few weeks ago. Wanted to let you know I posted another that you might like. Check it out.

Tina said...

lovely! makes me miss the southwest!