My daughter, who has a way of digging up things out of the depths of my studio that I haven't seen for years, dug this card out of some drawer yesterday.
I was instantly reminded of how absolutely brilliant I found it, and still do.
This business card belongs (or belonged - this was a few years back that he gave it to me) to a good friend of my husband, and the father of Q's best buddy, Esme.
eugene hero was his business concept, and the name of his company (originally, I think, it was meant to be a family venture, including his siblings, an architect and a contemporary artist). There is in fact a website, but it still says "coming soon", even these years later. When I tried to ask him to describe the concept of eugene hero, it was so nebulous and abstract as to be untranslatable...which if anything, I can't help feeling, makes it even more intriguing.
I'd like to tell you what he "does", but that's tricky, as well.
He's an award-winning video artist, a computer geek, a sometime-aspiring-contemporary-painter, a conceptual artist of sorts....the list goes on.
I can't tell you how eager I'd be to see what eugene hero evolves into, if and when it ever does. I think it could launch on the strength of this business card alone. But at the moment, it's erstwhile creator is spending his time being a stay-at-home dad to a two-year-old, and I know how that feels, so...
Well. We'll be keeping our ear to the ground.


jen laceda said...

It is a brilliant business card, I agree!

call-me-Heidi said...

I love it!! i've added it to my sidebar with a link to your blog! it's wicked!
reminds me I've got one fairly interesting too somewhere...
should we start collecting them?

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Heidi, great idea! We should definitely collect them. I hope you post yours when you find it! I haven't had a new business card myself in ages, but it's about time I did. I need ideas!