In Bisbee, a curious combination of artist's enclave and mining town, we stay at The Shady Dell, another curious combination of motel and vintage trailer park. The "rooms" are permanently parked vintage campers, plus a small yacht and a large bus, all refurbished according to their era - complete with vintage everything from magazines on the nightstand to coffeemakers in the kitchen to music on the "radio".

Hiking to a spot where you can see Mexico across the border. It looks quite peaceful and empty from the high vantage point, rolling green and gold hills into the heat-hazed distance, nothing like the grim barenness of the border itself.
Naco, the border town. Straight out of a Robert Rodriguez film.

We love the shady dell. I think we've stayed in at least five different campers, all told. If It weren't such a long and unforgiving drive south from Colorado, we'd visit a lot more often.


sallymandy said...

I loved this post. I went to school in Tucson, and used to visit Bisbee every few months. Never stayed the night, though this trailer park hotel looks incredible. Thanks. Very fun to see.

Elyse said...

Wow, that is totally amazing. =)

jen laceda said...

Definitely out of a Robert Rodriguez joint!