Hat tricks.
Denver in bloom.
Flat Mouse and Danger Mouse.

Gazing skyward.

Drama mouse.

Our happy girl! She makes me smile endlessly.


Tina said...

ah beautiful!!! i always love your photographs!! hope you had a wonderful weekend! xo

Yoli said...

She is such a stunner! Love all those expressions! I also tried to do an ode to Maia on my little ones's blog. I tried to photograph like you do and of course, I am but a poor player.

Geisslein said...

I love these pictures! So much love and happiness!

jen laceda said...

Love the hat! By the way, I just wanted to say 'thank you' for making a little girl from China a part of your family. I am of Chinese descent, and if my family had not escaped from there, who knows where I'll be with their 1-child policy. I probably won't be as fortunate as little Q!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Jen, it's really our privilege to raise her. I mean REALLY our privilege! I feel so incredibly lucky! She is an absolute wonder of a child, with joy that could fill the world. She has added immeasurable quantities to our life. I know that not all children in orphanages , or perhaps in China, are as fortunate in their circumstances. But it was no selfless act of sacrifice on our part, that's for sure! We are the lucky ones, to have her in our world!