Does anyone remember trolls?
I didn't have them when I was little, but other people in that era did - sometimes a bit obsessively. They were collectible. My mum found them creepy, as did I - so we never had any around the house. But when I was in college, and rarely saw my father anymore, he once gave me a set of little troll earrings for Christmas. It was such an unexpected gift - something so whimsical - and it just melted my heart.
So when my husband's news station had a work party, the year before we adopted our daughter, with an retro theme, and one of the party favors was a re-issued troll doll, we scooped up two and saved them for Q.
I'm glad we did. There's something about that funny little creature with his wild yellow hair.
It makes me want to smile.


Yoli said...

I never saw them until a couple of years ago. My husband laughed that I had no idea what they were. I do have a troll that picked up in Norway but it is not the fuzzy variety. It can be a little scary. Glad that the Q is enjoying her cute troll.

Amanda said...

I loved trolls when I was growing up! We had a private little toy store in the town I grew up in, and having enough money to get another troll was the most exciting thing. we used to gently part that crazy hair and twist it into make-shift, pointy ponytails. I never had the troll earings, but my friend did.

Tina Tarnoff said...

They are hilarious! I don't think I had them as a child - my mother probably thought they were awfully tacky, but I'm sorry I didn't have one yellow, cute one to play with. Go trols! xoxo

Linda Dove said...

No trolls here (except the bloggy kind once in a while).

Great to see QQ enjoying E's dresses--the apple one and the yellow embroidery one are definitely two I miss. But nice to see them getting yet another home!