Here's how we have been entertaining ourselves through this fouth (or fifth) late spring blizzard.
My husband started by putting up shelves to contain all the oddities that have heretofore occupied the tops of our low bookshelves and countertops.
Anyone with a toddler will understand why we had to get them off those low surfaces!
(btw, Bruce Lee here used to carry nunchucks, I think - but after several years on my husband's desk at work, he has lost them. They were replaced with a wooden fruit knife from one of Q's Plan Toys play sets).
With the shelves up, and looking smart, we immediately discovered the pleasure of arranging and rearranging little dioramas with our robots, classic miniature chairs, vintage toys, etc.
We've decided it's going to be a sort of little zen garden for us...whenever we need some meditative time, we'll spend it rearranging and rethinking our dioramas.
His favorite coffee cup: great classic moustaches.

Q isn't actually admiring our handiwork.
She's just winding down to a nap with a nice soothing episode of Yo Gabba Gabba.
My husband making us yet another comfort-food breakfast for a chilly day.
...and loving his daughter. No pictures, please!
He's also been sprouting seeds for the garden in little pots on a back window nook, to plant when the weather finally decides to get warm and stay that way....
...and bringing me home beautiful flowers to plant in my flower boxes when....well, you get the picture.
QQ has been spending her time trying on hats.

...And looking at our wedding photos.
She loves to look at photos of us from before she knew us.
Sometimes she points to us in the pictures and makes the signs for "mommy" and "daddy", which melts my heart!

...oh, and trying on more hats...'s become quite the hobby for her.
Meanwhile I have been poring over my new find from the local antique mart. I love old books, and the cover of this one caught my heart he minute I saw it. I've been particularly obsessed with yellow for the past couple of weeks. ..I think it's those daffodils that never had the chance to bloom.

And flipping through the Japanese magazines I got in San Francisco. I love Japanese design - the spareness, the simplicity.
Here was a page on how to design a hand-bound book of baby photos. Again, so simple and so beautiful.

I just love everything about this magazine.
It makes me smile...

What I wish I had a picture of, but I don't, is the Q collecting and carrying around all the toy bunnies she could find in the house, and the two of us (punch drunk with cabin fever) making up Clint Eastwood movies for toddlers: "A fistful of Bunnies"... "High Plains Bunny"...
"For a Few Bunnies More".


hiki said...

I have a few copies of this mag when they first started but I'm amazed to know that these Japanese magazines are sold in the US and have fans!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

I think that they are probably sold in three or four places only in the entire US. I found this at the wonderful Kinokuniya bookstore in San Francisco's Japantown.

Geisslein said...

such a lovely post...have a lovely day today!

sakurasnow said...

I love your new shelves! Perfect for arranging and rearranging your fab collection of "oddities"… I have a similarly eclectic collection of toys 'n stuff and I think your shelves are just what I need. Thanks for the shelfy inspiration!