At the per-renovation Plaza, looking up.
An unusually clear, crisp day in summer.

The financial district, a couple of years post 9-11.
Graffiti, streetside.
Summer feet.
West Side story.
The aesthetics of construction.

This repurposed sign cracked us up endlessly, for some reason.
I have always loved the subway. Even when I had to take it every day from 168th St all the way down to 59th at 5 a.m....before they'd cleared the bums out and hosed down the platform.
Even then. The sound, the weird, displaced molecules of the moving cars. The rocking, rollicking sound of it. The film-frame flip of lighted windows racing past steel girders. The echo. The hot wind. The reek.


hiki said...

You take such amazing photographs, and your little girl is soooo cute!!!

Indie.Tea said...

Great photographs, you captured a wonderful urban energy in them...

Amber said...

Isnt it wonderful what you see when you look up! Last night I took some amazing photos of someones washing hanging above me in this ancient city I find myself in. The colours were so beautiful and with the moon oin the background this ordinary sight suddenly became extrodinary.

Kate Neckel said...

such great snaps! that neckface tag was up forever...i think they finally closed up that shop a year ago or so...always made me laugh too :)

Yoli said...

You make me miss NYC. My heart is always there. You captured the mood girl.

sallymandy said...

These are lovely photographs all over your blog. I've enjoyed visiting tonight!


jen laceda said...

This is so wonderfully odd!! Guess what I like about Manhattan? It seems like we both love the Manhattan's underground. Check it out here
P.S. I lived in the Lower East Side for 2 years (with an ex-bf). Haha.
-Jen of Folie a Deux