...Part II.
On the second day of late April blizzard, Q and I awoke to this.
You can't tell from the picture, but this was spring snow - what in ski country we called "cement" or "mashed potatoes". The kind of snow that's nearly impossible to ski in, and even nastier to drive through.
I was not happy. All I could think was, "What am I going to do for another snowbound 24 hours, alone in a small house with an 18-month-old girl?"
Then I cried a little more over my tulips.
Then I realized....I need an attitude adjustment!
Because here's the thing....I can still remember when I first moved to Colorado from New York City...when every snowstorm was a novelty, a wonder, a winter fairyland. Nothing could get me down then - not closed passes, not drowned flowers, not chilly feet. I'd walk barefoot through the snow back then, just because I could.
So, Q and I watched the huge flakes for a bit, and played with the paper snowflakes (which I'd just been about to take down and replace with origami cranes for spring).
Then we watched Marie Antoinette....
...and played dress-up.

Because really, what else are two girls to do on a snowy morning in late April?

Pretty shoes that my husband bought me in Chinatown, SF.

Bear-shaped jellies on my favorite book of Meheut animal illustrations. I mean, if you're going to eat jell-o, oughtn't it to be in the shape of a bear, at least?


jen laceda said...

What fun you're having!! I wish my 2 y.o. daughter could be there and join you for some Marie Antoinette-sque dress up games! (i'm stuck watning KingFu Panda right now).

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

My old computer died on me and I lost alot of 'addresses' and just found yours again... oh how I hope it is snowing in July - which I doubt... it would be great to be in CO in the snow :) Wishful dreaming I guess... I am liking the look of this site... it screams out you...
Take care

Gillian said...

What a sweet post.
I love that you twirl and play and hang out with your little daughter and do girly things.
Life is good.
Off now to kiss my girls on the forehead.

Tina said...

what a perfect snowday!!! brilliant!

Tina Tarnoff said...

Sorry about the snow but it seems like you had such a wonderful time. Your daughter is absolutely adorable! xoxo

Yoli said...

I just love how you have juxtaposed your pictures with that of the film. This is by far my favorite post of you two. YOu both look STUNNING! Please play more dress up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geisslein said...

love this post! you look so happy with you little girl - it let my heart bounce...and give me hope for what ever will be in my life someday ;o)
Have a wonderful day!