Our little Max, in the brief interval during which she deigned to wear her crown.
After three days of blizzard and three feet of snow, it (typically) turned summer again very abruptly on Halloween morning, and the world began to melt at a furious pace.
By noon we had all stripped to our shirtsleeves, and I'm willing to bet that the sluices and aqueducts of the city were raging with runoff.
We met up with Q's friend Esme, resplendent in the white owl costumer her aunt made for her.
Q didn't recognize her at first under the goggle-eyes and white feathers, but before long they were holding hands again amid the throngs of revelers on Tennyson.

Jena, maker of the wonderful owl costume (and the photographer who took that lovely photo in my previous post).

I got an armful of fuzzies.
Q and a matching dog in the last of the snow.


Mlle Paradis said...

Gorgeous light, wonderful colors, and such cute costumes. Nice pics Maia!

Shaista said...

Maia I am in love with the light in this post. Stunning. I would never have guessed from the first picture that you had just had three snow days. The world looks so washed clean - is that how it always is?
Love the little fuzzies in their cosy outfits - what a joy for your daughter over the years as you gather these amazing collections of images and memories..

Gigi said...

What magic! I love your little Wild Thing, and her friend's owl costume is amazing. Happy Halloween!

Thank you for your lovely comments this morning!

Yoli said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! Magical and perfect! I want to see more pictures.

johnny said...

OMG! So that's what you meant by your post. haha! that is sooo funny!!

jen laceda said...

Happy Halloween! Boo!

The snow on the ground casts a beautiful bright light on the day. And it looks like Q enjoyed her day very much! My little one certainly did, even though the winds were howling here in Toronto!

FDChief said...

What fun! The girls look as soft and cuddly as kittens in their little costumes, and the whole notion of having a sort of Halloween zone downtown is brilliant.