Every now and then I have to throw in one of these shots, just as a reminder. This is how I used to live. Before things got down to brass tacks. Before home ownership and grad school and adoption paperwork. Before the wars and the economic minefields.

Do I regret any of it? Not even a little bit. But someday we will hit the road again, this time with a wide-eyed child to introduce to the wonders of our continent and the natural world outside our little bubble of home. These are the times of noses to the grindstone, of focusing in on the microcosm of our cozy homelife, of works in progress, of a toddler's daily minutia of wonder and discovery. Someday, it will be time again for days to hit the open road. And that will be good as well.

This photo was taken in the gorgeous Escalante/Grand-Staircase National Monument, one of the wildest places left to camp, hike and explore in the desert Southwest. Since those days, my little desert tent and my compact camp kitchen have spent many months in storage in the garage, but it will have its day again.


Anne said...

I am sooo scared to sleep outside in a tent ! I'm not kidding !
M. will have to discover camping on her own and I prefer not to know about it ;-)

Simply Mel said...

It's funny how once you have a child or someone who is completey dependent upon you - your old life goes into 'storage', but I'm with you, it will be a delight to dust it off and re-live it again through the eyes of our little one.

Juniper said...

Ah a fellow gyspy at heart, I had a moment a little similar to yours as I let my son borrow my little thermo rest mat a few weeks ago. It is the one I slept on for months while in the far north western reaches of the Himalayas in Nepal, it also had accompanied me and my sisters traveling round Europe and as well in the days of living for a spell in the Tetons of Wyoming, the smell of campfires still clung to it and the tattered kata enrwapping it still with the smell of yak sweat (much to my mother in laws disgust). It is blessed and I love that I have those adventures to share with my children and I too hope to go on adventures with my children, to other lands and to the wilderness of the Americas. There is such magic tied into camping, the smells the sounds...the morning mist.

Evelyne said...

Toujours plus de confort et de choses...une course en entraînant une autre...prendre le temps de respirer, tout simplement. Merci Maîa.