The other day we heard the over-loud, echo-y sound of a cricket trapped inside the house...which always makes me a little sad. A few hours later, Q came running into my studio pointing to the hall and wrinkling her nose. The cricket had showed itself.

When I was just a little older than Q, and my parents and I were traveling through Spain in our old khaki Land Rover, there was a man with a cart by the side of the road, selling crickets in tiny carved wooden cages, with bars no bigger than toothpicks. My parents bought me one, and we listened to it sing for the first day and night. Then we opened the cage and released it in a fragrant russet field by the side of the road.

So Q and I caught the cricket in a cup, and I set it in a bouquet in our mudroom for the afternoon, so she could watch it.
When evening drew close, and the other crickets' voices rose in chorus amid the gathering dusk, we took him (her?) outside and set him in a rosebush among his friends.

Is there anything more magical in this world than childhood? Well, motherhood, I suppose!


Jeanne-ming said...

Beautiful the vases. I have missed you so much. Impossible to see blogs while inside China. Now out in Hong Kong with my own precious girl. When I woke up this morning I fired up the coumputer and dashed to see QQ. Like panting for water.

Mlle Paradis said...

Maia, you seem to be having so much fun this week with clothes and color. Lovely efforts. Now you tell me, check out my latest post and say if it reminds you of Q's sweater. Also, I have a hat like that "WTWA" only since I'm a "big girl" I don't wear it outside the house! Cue Twilight Zone theme.

Meanwhile, back home, where I'm REALLY WTWTA - two coyotes came loping up the road alongside us on our walk at 11:30 a.m.! I still need your details so I can send you a box!

La Tulipe said...

beautiful as usual! have a pleasant week end. thank you. Kenza