EEK! I'm late with my Corner View! Apologies, friends! But I have something in mind...I'll have it up in a couple of hours when the little one goes down for a nap!


Craig Brimm said...

I'll be patient.

Shaista said...

So will we all. Aren't you just incredible? I read Yoli's piece about you, and learnt so much in addition to all the personal details you added in your comment to me some posts ago. Both my parents are artists, and Mum thinks your illustrations are sublime. I, of course, want to be the girl inside them!!
When I have decided which one, I shall buy one too - will you post to Cambridge, England?? :)

Ritva said...

take your time!

urbaNiche said...

hey great blog and i absolutely love the header!
looking fwd to your corner view

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Shaista, I ship everywhere! And I'd be happy to make you the girl in one of the pictures ;)

Ritva said...

and you have snow too!
your post makes me :)
thank you for sharing the joy!