Walking the streets of Woodstock.
The Golden Notebook...source of so much of my early literary wanderings.
The Woodstock Artist's Association, now a museum, site of a large part of my father's early career.
Q stepping into my family's past.
Woodstock's farmer's market.
Q sampling a local fresh peach cobbler topped with seasonal berry sauce and a generous helping of whipped cream.
The preamble to a home-cooked dinner at my mum's house...complete with Cole Porter and trashcan hats.
Sampling mum's homemade spaghetti.
Family: SIGH.
The Q loves her spaghetti.
Outside the chamber of commerce...
...playing tourist in my own hometown.
Tinker Toys, quite possibly among the best toy stores on the face of the earth...
...and the place where we found most of the treasures for Q's second b'day.
Bubbles with Dad.
Vintage Woodstock on display.


Juniper said...

That does look like one of the best toy stores on earth!
Like the Cole porter and trash can pre dinner fun.

Ribambins said...

If ever... tinker toys, I shall rememebr the address.. seems to be a great place!

sarahthefantastic said...

Did you get her one of those gorgeous dolls from the top shelf? Looks like a wonderful trip. If you had been there longer and had been less busy I was so tempted to drive down and meet you all in person. Someday! : ) xoxox to QQ on her second birthday. xo S.

Horseartist said...

Ah, memories. I haven't been back in many years. And it's likely to stay that way. I'll enjoy it vicariously though your wonderful photos. Thanks...

sinnlighet said...

Ohhhhh you are a very very good ambassadors för the blog-sphere.... I love your blog & your pic's.....and your wonderful girl!

Regards from Agneta in Sweden

JGregg said...

my favorite shot was the one where you "frame" up father and daughter! great blog! - Jg.

Ribambins said...

Had a look at the link.. they have real hard to find reedition. great place!