Ah, I have finally reached the Woodstock segment of our trip back East.
This is my mum's house, where we spent four days jam-packed with food, fun, laughter and old friends, all set to the soundtrack of Cole Porter, which my mum had playing pretty much continuously in the kitchen.
The imperturbable froggy in my mum's koi pond.

Emma greeting my husband for the first time (the play structure was loaned by a friend for Q's visit).

Q exploring the back gardens.

Q watches as my mum digs in a bag...
...and comes up with an early round of birthday gifts! Needless to say, the basketball rig was a hit. Just look at her entranced face.
My mum's house is a kind of adventurer's paradise, and a good reflection of the way our family has always lived.
She is a wildlife artists and a world traveler, and everything she touches is beautiful.

For as long as I can remember, she has collected antique pen knives, stones (from the earthly to the sublime), and indian fetishes.
She is also an artful gardener.
Feeding fish.

Emma the Australian shepherd.

Even the food is beautiful at my mum's house.
Some of her work.


I'm always sad to leave my mum's space. She has a cool and soothing way with spaces.


Shaista said...

An absolutely incredible house! One of the images reminded me of Georgia O'Keefe's fascination with bones. I loved the space, the care given to the placements of objects. Lovely - thankyou for sharing your mother's home with us.

Jeanne-ming said...

It is no wonder how artistic you are. Really beautiful. Serene. Shaista is right...the careful arrangment of objects...
I also love how you write of your mother with awe and respect. I love that about you...the way you honor your husband, your mother, Q.

Yoli said...

Maia, this post speaks of your deep love for your lovely mother. The place is just fenomenal. Everything in it has such character and beauty. I can see where you get your sensibilites.

FDChief said...

Your mum didn't hang with Georgia O'Keefe by any chance..?

She does good feng shui.

Juniper said...

I very much agree with the other comments, there is a calm peace that comes across from the photos of your mothers house and the way you write about her, she seems like quite an interesting and artistic woman, how lucky for Q to have such a lovely grandmother.

Anonymous said...

This post made me feel so happy and calm...your words combined with the lovely images of your mum's


Take care,

Amanda (fellow Lounger)

alliot said...

Thanks for the open house...
it's a place full of sensations!