So, waaaaaaaay back when I was editing the NYC portion of our trip, I posted an adorable picture of a couple embracing on the banks of a duckweed-covered lake in Central Park.
You may remember that I called them the 2nd cutest couple in New York...and here's why.

Take a good look over the shoulders of my (undeniably adorable in their own right) husband and daughter, all the way across the walled gardens...
Do you see a splotch of bright red there on a stone bench at the far end of the gardens?
At first, I didn't even notice them myself.
Then, as I explored the gardens with my camera, I became aware that we were not quite alone.

This pair were sitting quietly, sheltered from the weather, admiring the view and whispering amongst themselves the entire time.
When I noticed them, I simply couldn't resist...I had to ask them if I could take their picture.
They graciously agreed, and I had to concede that they were, quite simply, the cutest couple in NY...or at very least in the Hudson Valley. Those plaid rainboots! The red hoodie! The unexpected yellow leggings! That pixie face...and to top it all off, the cherry on top of the cake is that gorgeous grin on her beau. Just makes me smile all over each and every time I look at this picture.

Ain't youth grand?


Jeanne-ming said...

they are adorable.

Yoli said...

They are cute but the Q and Papa are cuter...sorry.