Belatedly posting some words to go with these pictures...we all three came down with swine flu today (did you know they have a 12-minute test to see if you have it?) so I'm not at my most productive ;) Apparently it's spreading pretty quickly here in CO now that schools are in session. Sigh. On the plus side, we now won't have to spend the winter worrying when we'll get it.

In any case, this is Muguet & Q when they first met....both a little wary.
Typically, Q was the first to reach out and make contact. That's her personality. Here, she is trying to hold M's hand. M is thinking, "Hmmmmm....I just don't know you that well!"
This is such a lovely playground, and such a lovely spot in general!

Luckily, Muguet had a ball along with her, and it was that ball that helped their friendship along. Q is always at her best when there's a ballgame afoot.
Me and Anne enjoying the weather.

Muguet getting in on the action.

Q is actually younger than Muguet, but she's kind of freakishly tall. Though obviously she did not get this from me genetically, we do have that in common, Q & I!
Look how perfectly in sync they are by this time! I love it.

This was so cute: Muguet is picking a flower for Q.
A little get-together before parting.

Q gets a hug from Anne. ..

...and the friendship is sealed with a OX between the girls! This was unprompted. How simply adorable are they?


Shaista said...

I'm sorry to hear you are all sick with flu - another beautiful post despite feeling rotten. I hope you all recover soon x

Anonymous said...

Q is just the most adorable little girl in the world.

Anne said...

Dear Maia,

I am so sorry to read that you are all sick. It is so scary... Are you on tamiflu ? And how about Q. ? Does she have high fever ? I really feel for you guys. I wish you a quick recovery.
Thank you for this lovely post. I adore the pictures !!! Would you allow me to use them on my blog ? I left the apt very quickly that morning and unfortunately forgot my camera :-(((
Your daughter is so affectionate.
XO and extra hugs for her.

Jeanne-ming said...

Beautiful post and so sweet to see the girls playing together.

Sorry dear one, you are all down sick. hoping for a speedy recovery.

Evelyne said...

Une belle rencontre partagée par tous les lecteurs de vos blogs respectifs. Merci. Bon rétablissement à tous les 3.

Geisslein said...

AAAHHH - the 2 last pictures are SOOOOO CUUUTE! I have fallen in love today ;o)
Have a very lovely weekend with lot of hugs and kisses!

nath said...

lovely pictures. They're both so cute!
Hope you recover quickly from the nasty flu.