The Mohonk Mountain House part I: The Most Mysterious Tree...
The enormous weeping tree that you see spreading across the hillside in the background of the picture above is one of the most beautiful (and largest) trees I've ever seen. The cover of the weeping boughs is dense, but sneak between them, and you're inside an enormous tent, the size of a small house, populated by a fabulously gnarled trunk.

If anyone can tell me what sort of tree this is, I would be grateful! There is no sign to identify it.

More about the Mohonk Mountain House and all its multitude of glories to come in future posts!


Anne said...

What an amazing tree ! So you were in Mohonk ! We're going there tomorrow for the Labor Day week-end :-)
How do you feel ? How is Q ? I guess you quarantine yourselves ?
Take care,

Anonymous said...

ohhhhh soooooooooooooooooooo soooooooooooo cute.