I rarely buy clothing for the Q, largely because she grows so very fast - at just barely over 2 years of age, she is already the size of your average 3-year-old. She has put on nearly an inch in height each month since coming home from China in the summer of 2008. It's difficult to keep up with her, when it comes to clothing.

We subsist mainly on beautiful hand-me-downs from friends, and on the terrific resale store in our neighborhood. When I do buy new, it's generally from unique designers whose clothes are structured to fit for more than a year.

But last spring, I discovered the online shop mimimouse. I don't remember how I found her, but I was immediately drawn to Nath's modern, classic silhouette designs for t-shirts and onesies.
Her combination of French design sensibility and British aesthetic struck a chord for me, and I immediately ordered a fanciful summer tank top for Q.
If you're the kind of mother who is drawn to your favorite children's designers (as I am), you'll be happy to discover that mimimouse has a line for women as well.

I particularly love this pirate design.
And the lion tamer resonates for my daughter's fearless personality.
I absolutely adore this scarf, scattered with stars. I ordered it even though my daughter was much too small at the time. In the meantime, I have been making good use of it myself ;)
Her ad campaign for the season strikes me as particularly appealing.
This design, dubbed "the uncle", reminds me of my early fascination with books like the Mary Poppins series, and the original Peter Pan.
Incidentally (and serendipitously), mimimouse has recently begun offering individual items from the fabulous Design Interior collection of miniature designer chairs. A chair buff from way back, I fell in love at first sight with these when I found them at a bookstore in San Francisco's Japantown last winter, and have been pining for more ever since. I applaud Nath for offering these by the individual box (since they are hard to find, and generally available only in bulk on the net).

Enjoy her gorgeous blog here as well.


liza said...

Wow. Great find. I'm off to look. Not only for the clothes, but the mini chairs, too. Thanks!

Kate Neckel said...

love that star scarf...i might have to order one :)

MODsquad said...

Don't you love Mimi Mouse. Posted her things a while back... I'd wear everything myself!!

Guusje said...

Love, love love it! Thank you.

Yoli said...

Lovely, I particularly love the Lion tamer for Q since she is a Leo. You got me hooked into little chairs but I have yet to purchase one.

Children of the 90s said...

That star scarf is too cute!

Anne said...

Nath has many talents !
You just reminded me of SF Japantown :-) It was my first experience of Japan before going there !