In a recent post on my new illustration blog Les Voyageuses, I cited by way of inspiration a book called A hauter d'enfents by photographer Olivier Föllmi (do stop by his'll be amazed). I originally discovered the book by way of Charlotte's (VDJ) inspiration blog, but could not find a source for it here in the US.

As it happens, Nath of mimimouse offered to find it for me, in exchange for some decorations she was having a hard time locating for her daughter's birthday. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance, and a couple of days ago a package arrived in the mail.
Q, who celebrated a birthday recently, was thrilled to find a little book included for her as well (here she is all pink-cheeked and sleepy from her nap, opening her gift).
Since autumn and change was in the air, I'd spent the morning dusting our little collection of antique bottles and filling them with fall-colored flowers from the garden.

The book was even more spectacular than I'd expected, and the rich, jewel-tone colors of the photography meshed perfectly with my floral palette. Are these children from Bhutan just stunning?
The book features children from various cultures, from Africa to India, Bhutan to Afghanistan, and the shots are just so rich in emotion, so arresting and inspiring on so many emotional levels.
It isn't a large book, and not a page is wasted. I have thumbed through it from cover to cover so many times since it arrived that it's already a bit foxed.
Pure magic. Thanks to Nath for helping me find this magnificent little treasure, and for making Q smile ;)


Kelly e. said...

Don't you just love the after-nap pink cheeked child? Its at the top of my list of favorites. Love it.

The book looks amazing... Now I have to stalk it down, I think. Thanks!

the NEO-traditionalist said...

The shots in that book at stunning. And the antique vases, got to love them. Sounds like a good week : )
XX Kate

Anne said...

Q. looks so focused as she opens her present. How cute ! The book is amazing !

Yoli said...

Q looks adorable against those jewel tones of her tunic and the burgundy wrapper. The book is a true find. I love your little bottles filled with the bounty of Fall.

lovepics said...

love your collection!

liza said...

Oh, I love this post. What a beautiful book, and your bottles and flowers in that light are so pretty!

Juniper said...

The book and your photos of the flowers sitting in the sunshine are lovely, really welcoming and warm. Am very curious about the book, shall look it up now. Thank you