If you like typeface and fonts (and I love them. Oh, I love them. Maybe a little too much.) download this independent film about the evolution of typography and design by way of the history of the Helvetica typeface. Very well done. Thought-provoking, deeply inspiring, and frequently witty.
photos via www.helveticafilm.com

Whether you love or hate Helvetica (and I think it's a love or hate kinda thing) you will not be bored by this film. I myself have always had an unconsidered aversion to Helvetica. Given a choice in any situation, I always avoid it. But this film (and certain very articulate participants therein) have given me a new appreciation for this typeface which will probably stay with me always...even if I never become fully as one with it.

ps - this post has reminded me that I need to do a post on my husband's tattoos one of these days. It's pertinent.

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Horseartist said...

I look forward to watching. Oh, how I wish that I had my own letterpress! You now have me googling images to try and remember the name of the presses that I used at UO.

And then remembering the platen press in shop class at Onteora that gave me the bug. I made note pads then.

I was also just looking through my archive of artist's books and finding unfinished letterpress binding project. I'll have to photograph them soon.