It used to be, when we lived in the mountains, that "scenery" was just part of every-day life for us. Not that our little garden neighborhood is an eyesore, by any stretch of the imagination. Quite the opposite! But from time to time we have to remind ourselves to get in the car and go higher. Mountain passes are touched with gold this time of year, and the season is fleeting...blink and you'll miss it!

This morning, we leaped in the car and manage to squeeze in a tour of Squaw Pass, between Evergreen and Idaho Springs, before our babysitter arrived at two for an afternoon of work.

We only just barely had time to make the circuit and get home in time, so most of the scenery was through the car window.
We did however find this idyllic meadow in which to stretch out legs and soak up the peerless September sunshine.

The itty one, fast asleep on the drive home.


jen laceda said...

Aww...she's so tired :)

Beautiful scenery, by the way!

MODsquad said...


alliot said...

Beautiful meadow!
It seems that I can smell the scent of grass.
Thanks for sharing!