Into the woods....autumn at Lair O' The Bear state park.

In this set of pictures, you will see Q playing the drums on a tree stump. Those of you whose children are addicted to Yo Gabba Gabba will understand the source of this little drama.
As for this - I can't even begin to explain this, but I think it might have something to do with gymnastics. Nice show of balance, either way!
This little ritual is one she indulges in often of late. She is imitating her daddy's shaving ritual, from patting the shaving cream on to rinsing to the rubbing of the aftershave into palms and jowls. Too, too funny. Cracks me up each and every time.
Reading signs and stopping to smell the flowers.

Here, she is indicating to me that she has heard a particularly delightful and unusual bird call. Fluttering of both hands next to her ears is one of her made-up signs, meaning either crickets or birdsong. Very expressive girl.
Just, beauty.

When I set her on this log (just a little too high for her to get on or off of her own accord) I thought she might object. Instead, she settled in and made it her own, gazing at the canopy of trees overhead, listening to birdsong, and finally...just signing to herself out loud. This picture melts my heart into a little puddle of golden clarified butter.


feian said...

Q is so lovely and I am deeply touched by your love to her!
A big "thank you" for your love to a chinese girl.

Jeanne-ming said...

Ghee! Me Too!

Anne said...

Beautiful pictures...and thoughts. I love the shaving ritual, it's so cute when they try to imitate us !
Even cuter when little girls imitates their daddies !!!
Did you meet the bears ?

Shaista said...

Just beauty indeed. Every aspect of the images are so real, one can climb inside and join the woodland sprite at her games. One set of images, Q sniffing yellow flowers, reminds me of occasional hours of freedom from hospital, walking with my brother in the fields beyond the ward. Lovely, and moving images.

alliot said...

Your pictures are whimsical! I can see Q was free and totally submerged herself into the grace of Nature. I'm shy to relate Q to iza ... but the way they forget somebody are there and still enjoying, express their innate passion and self in a STRONG way as they may not aware of are so alike.
Q is a wonder!

Geisslein said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures!!!
you and Q are soooo cute together!