Do you see that look of anticipation and excitement? 
It kills me every time her eyebrows shoot up into her bangs. 
I had to post this entire series (albeit a series of iPhone shots) because this gift that came in the mail for Q was so unique, so thoughtful, so heartfelt and so special.
 Our blog friend April noticed that Q loves her Keroppis, and went on a hunt for Keroppi paraphenalia left over from her school days. She packaged them all up (each individually gift-wrapped, mind you!), included several origami critters and notes, and sent them off to us.
 The origami-folded letter to Q was of particular fascination for her. So exciting...a secret note just for her!
 Each little wrapped parcel was a new treasure to unearth!
 A little Keroppi vanity case with mirror and comb sent her into raptures!
 But the multi-purpose Keroppi notebook with stickers, stamps and tracing paper was probably her most precious treasure of all.
 She admired each and every origami object one at a time..
 ...and wanted to pin this ribbon to her clothing.
 The origami ladybug was an object of great reverence and respect.
Thank you, April!! You've made a little heart so glad.


rasamalai said...

Aaw! How cute!!! <3 Thank you so much for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

So happy to see Q's excited face with even the folded letter... hehehehe :) It makes my day! I made the glow in the dark peace medallion for wall hanging. But it would look great as a pin too! Does she like the origami QQ letters and frogs? Can she manage them? You should show her the frog link I sent you earlier so she can give them a go :) Last time I tried to make something similar for Kai and Anna and my brother said they pretty much wrecked them right away because they didn't know how to work with them... hehehe...

Thank you so much for capturing THE moment for me, Maia! I am happy to make someone as special as Q happy!

You know, I couldn't wait (with probably as much anticipation as Q opening the package!) to check out your blog to see your pictures the moment I finished reading your email message!

Thank you once again!

Cheers, April

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

April, I showed her how to use the origami properly - because of her age she can be a little over-forceful, and she did accidentally tear one of them, but she was trying to be so careful and very respectful of all the carefully-folded pieces! She loves all of it, and is still carrying it all around in its original mailing gymnastics, to the store, everywhere she goes! Too sweet.

Yoli said...

What a sweet gift!