A walk downtown with mommy on a chilly April day. The good weather is not unmitigated here, even this unusual spring. And yes, it does feel odd on those setback days, after so many weeks (or is it months?) spent in nothing but playsuits and sandals. But this isn't so bad...not really cold, just a day of a different color, and a chance to wear Q's beautiful MRA coat.

I particularly love this picture because she is so entirely unaware of the giant, leggy spider hovering just above her head! I probably won't show the resulting photo to her, though. She doesn't like spiders. Not spiders, not ants, not bees. She even used to have a horror of ladybugs, the most innocuous of creepy-crawlies.
She does love snakes (and always has, even as a baby), snails, lizards, fish of all varieties, and of course her great devotion, frogs.
I like that she owns her own tastes.
I'm not sure who is responsible for this particular public art project, or I'd credit them here, because I quite like it.
So moody and evocative, and I love the way the grainy quality of the black and white prints blends with the painted brick of the LoDo walls.

Q-style all the way. Pink socks are de rigeur. And though she's far to young to carry a lunchbox ironically, she has somehow already realized the potential of a lunchbox repurposed as a handbag. I can't list for you everything that it contains on this occasion, but items include a ballpoint pen, post-it notes, her clipboard/notebook, a hand mirror, some purloined paperclips, probably a camera, perhaps a faux-cellphone, and quite possibly her slightly-chewed Buzz Lightyear.
In short, everything she might need for an afternoon out on the town.
Drawing while walking. Her well-organized notebooks are a very important part of her daily existence. Maybe it's a factor of having two erstwhile journalists for parents.
Arranging her papers while waiting for noodles.
Our LoDo cowboy.
Crossing over.
Near our favorite bookshop, The Tattered Cover.
A modern-day Dr. Eckleburg's Eyes? Not exactly overlooking the ash heaps, but very nearly overlooking the trainyards, which is not unlike.
Q's artful photo of rainy-day me by one of my favorite painted walls, across from the Museum of Contemporary Art. It's just a parking garage, "where the cars sleep" as Q says, but it always makes me happy to look at it.
A good mommy-and-Q day in LoDo. 


Anonymous said...

I find myself drawn to your blog daily,, Q is a unique child,, she's very bright for her age and I love to read what you write,, i'm a nana to a 2 yearold girl,, our little Grace and I guess thats my connection,, your blog s brilliant,,

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Thanks so much for your nice words, Laurie! You made me smile today.

kenza said...

Oh this is wonderful! Love the looks, the coat, the lunchbox and its content! Love it all! You have brightened my evening. Thank you!

ChantaleP said...

Aw, tons and tons of amazing art! I love it. And Q.. it should be Q! with exclamation mark. : )

Elisa said...

I will have to agree with Laurie. Q is such a fun and bright kid and you are doing a wonderful job of capturing it. (
ps. I loveee Tatter Cover,as well! I can spend hours there.