Spring has been very up-and-down this year, as spring will be.
 But since we had such a very early false-spring (when did it start...January?), so that it feels strange when we get cool, blustery days in the last week of April.
 This, needless to say, was not one of those days. This was a day that felt like early summer although the trees had not yet begun to leaf.

 Our little barefoot climber on her favorite climbing rock.
 A kayaker making hay while the runoff from the Rockies begins to rage.

 Q's view of Daddy.

 Sandy feet and sun-warmed shoulders.
 Q's view of us both. She is uncannily good at framing a shot, for a three-year-old!


Yoli said...

Beautiful images, I particularly like the one of you two by the Q!

MondaysMilk said...

Indeed, beauty is in the eye of the (camera)beholder :-) She made a beautiful shot of you two! & nice shirt Q!

Anonymous said...

love the outfit she has on,, lovely pics,,,

kenza said...

I adore this post! The photos are beautiful. Q what an angel! I am really impressed by her picture taking!

Yanyan said...

Love Q's shot of you two.