Q's friend Esme recently celebrated her 4th.

 A lovely, crisp spring day in South Denver.

Esme's daddy is a filmmaker.
 I think she was licking the icing off candles in this you will see, this pursuit took up much of the afternoon for her.

 While the other kids were tucking into slices of cake, Q just kept chewing on her candles...and chewing on them, and chewing on them...
 Jen, in from San Francisco.

 Q spent much of the party on the comedy routine of wearing her party hat on her nose. Unfortunately, I was laughing too hard to get any photos that weren't blurry.
 Q brought the balloons. Of course. Q always brings the balloons.
 Ready for some sort of action!

 Grinding snow cones with Jena.


Fei An said...

I would say QQ is prettier and prettier as she is growing into a big girl!!! Yes, I saw the difference. Have a nice weekend!

Merisi said...

What lovely party!

My eyes were immediately on those beautiful spring green pompons hanging from the ceiling. I'd love to know how to make them (I know how to make small ones, with wool, but have never tried such big ones with tissue paper).

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Aren't they great? Here's one nice, easy instruction sheet:

kenza said...

Q is adorable in these photos. I love how she sometimes looks so young and sometimes older than her age with a look that seems to say so much. At heart, she is still a little sweet one... and I love that about her!

alliot + iza said...

Only Q can be Q. She's so unique. No only she looks fabulous in any style, she shows naturally a different spirit and has a different facial expression when she's in a different outfit. Her eyes show the essence of a rock star in your blue set. She's a bit lay back in her "Pocahontas". Her face is so soft and she looks like a keen student when she is in VDJ :)

MondaysMilk said...

Really like the stripes Q is wearing! And indeed those POMPONS!!!

kitchu said...

what a fantastic party! i remember esme from way back- so much so, i had put that name on my 'possibles' when i was thinking of names for E! glad she had such a great bday.

Q is an undefinable magic.