An afternoon walk to the icecream shop, with the days growing longer and the early spring sun dipping its fingers into the daffodils.

 A new friend on the curb.
 Go home, kitty! For in the street lies danger.
 On the way out, Q had me stop by the local antique toy store for a pink truck that she spotted in the window. Fortunately, its price was not too high, plus it had a horse trailer in tow, with a proud black horse in it, so Mommy was feeling indulgent.

 One of the best toys yet.
 Q loiters and dances on the steps of a local Latino church from which emanates, each time we pass, the most inspiring music.
 Q always wants to linger and listen.
 Picking a tiny flower outside the church doors.
 Such minute and exquisite beauty in a moment.
 At a favorite playground, as the sun begins to set.

I know that there are many who doubt my assertion that Q is a tomboy who worships sports and shuns clothing. Understandable, based on the sartorial extravagance of this blog. 
But I have the photo to prove it. 
If you've never seen the Q actually kiss a basketball, you might not really understand. you go. Q making out with someone else's forgotten basketball, while wearing the BOdeBO dress that Mommy literally forced over her head  before leaving the house.
Now do you believe?


Yanyan said...

love this set of pictures, everything about it! In BodeBo kissing a basketball, that is Q!

Ling Chan said...

the sun, the smock dress, the basketball & Q - what lovely images. i love this set so much.

Dorit said...

stunning light in all the pictures, and p.s. we are enjoying your illustrions on our wall :)

Natalie Thiele said...

Insane about that dress! Perfect neckline, great volume, and BLACK! It looks stunning on Q!
The pink truck with horse trailer is quite a find, too.

kenza said...

Lovely set of photos. Such spontaneity in little Q I love that in her!

Anonymous said...

uwooow!(>o<) the flowers..the sun light..and of course the little girl with the black cute dress, beloved beautiful maia!xD
you took many beautiful get the 'em :] i would love to read this blog everyday!! xD

Heather said...

I wish someone would 'force' Bodebo over my head!! lol!
I wish they made bodebo for us ladies...
ah, such is the life for the young.

Yoli said...

BodeBo should pay Q to wear their clothes. This is a stunning editorial. I love everything about these images.

Anonymous said...

heart melting,she is a special child for sure.I feel as if I'm actually getting to know her and yourself and find myself coming back everyday to see what new adventures she's had.Your work is brilliant and your daughter is lovely,, thank you for sharing,

CdP said...

Happy easter wonderful family!

Anonymous said...

I have read your blog for a very long time and just this week I actually started my own,, I think your blog influenced me in a way.I return to yours daily because your journey with your daughter is so encouraging that life is good and in all the madness and crazy crazy there is calmness and parts of it are found right here,,,

Jeanne-ming said...

YES! I believe, oh YES!