When spring gets rococo...
 It's a rare spring in Colorado when all the stages of flowering trees are able to bloom, without a hard snow taking out any of them. This year was one of those springs. We had the white trees, the pale pinks, the pears, the apples, the peaches, the crabapples all blooming at once.
 An extravagance of riches.
 And I suppose even Q couldn't resist the headiness of flower season.
 On the way to the movies one evening, she looked rather like a flower herself.
 She purloined all of mommy's bracelets to accessorize her extravagant outfit.

 At our favorite Korean restaurant after the movie, for some genuine Korean barbecue.
 Q playing drums with her silverware while waiting for food.
 Culinary paradise.


kenza said...

She is precious! Thank you for your kind words sweet Maia, I love it when you visit. Have a beautiful weekend!

Anonymous said...

such beautiful photos and I love that tu tu,, I just wrote on my blog today about how I'm trying ti find the proper fabric for my 18 month olds tu tu,, she had one but she's allergic to all but cotton,, so I'm making her one,, Q is beautiful child,,thankyou for sharing,,

Natalie Thiele said...

What a sight! That is quite a getup! I love it! Wish I could see it fully.
Where's the big green bow? Has she retired it?

Mlle Paradis said...

Happy Spring! Tres bon weekend a toute la petite famille.

Evelyne said...

Comme toi nous aimons les restaurants coréens.
Je rentre de Berlin et reprend la route des blogs.
Heureuse de retrouver Q!

Fei An said...

Love her extravagant outfit;)
She is becoming a big girl now and look at her eyes, they become more and more beautiful!

Dear Maia, I am going to post QQ's picture wearing my works to my blog. I hope you don't mind:)

Have a really nice weekend!

Elisa said...

beautiful photos!
Can you believe the snow we received last night? But I do love Colorado weather! I won't complain.