Just had to post this cool, right??
Like one of those old wicker picnic baskets with the flat-top lid and gingham lining. Like a plaid thermos full of hot cocoa. Like a fire-engine-red woody station wagon. It's half fairytale, half '50s Life Magazine ad. What a bold piece!
From La Princesse au Petit Pois spring/summer 2011 collection.
Photo by Gana with her daughter Thémis (isnt' that a great name?). Check out her blog here!


Yoli said...

I absolutely love it. I hope to see the Q in it.

alexandra said...

Oh Maïa, thanks thanks thanks!!!

Gana said...

Waowww!!!!! I'm soooooo happy to discover Thémis, my daughter on your blog! What a beautiful surprise! If you wanna see more pics, come home! ^_^
You're welkome and thanks a lot!
I love the alexandra univers and Thémis like to play this game! ^-