Yolanda Edwards over at the wonderful parenting site momfilter did a lovely interview with us that's on their site today. Stop by and read it if you have a chance. It's a little bit different than what you usually see about us, because it's focused more on an overview of our life - something I tend to skip over in my attempt to chase Q around with a camera!

Momfilter is a new discovery for me, and I have been a little bit obsessed with it for the past week or so. Between the food column with its easy and elegant meals for busy families, the very addictive "mom uniform" column featuring the favorite styles of people like Loeffler Randall's Jessie Randall, fashion photographer Mei Tao, and editor/stylist Lucy Sykes, and its stories on travel and parenting (from both mom's and dad's perspective), I just can't stop reading.

I was introduced to Yolanda by my good friend Jane D'Haene (of Anais & I, you will have seen her clothes on Q quite frequently), and when I took my first look at momfilter, I couldn't believe I hadn't yet discovered it. The fact is, I don't read parenting sites or magazines as much as I read mommy blogs. But momfilter has that perfect alchemical combination of fascinating elements and ineffable style that make it irresistible to someone like me. And it's really no surprise, since momfilter creators Yolanda Edwards and Pilar Guzman were the team behind the late and much lamented Cookie magazine. Do you remember Cookie? Cookie was a touchstone for me when I was first contemplating parenthood, and I was a subscriber right up to the end. So it just feels right to have discovered momfilter now, in the thick of motherhood.

Oh, and if you watch closely, you might see a favorite family recipe from my husband pop up in the momfilter food section one of these days! I don't often talk about our meals at home, but my husband was for many years the culinary director at Sato (The Vail Valley's favorite sushi and Asian fusion restaurant) and sous chef for Denver's Opera House restaurant before he gave up the restaurant business in favor of parenting, and he is a superb cook! Lucky us ;)


Yoli said...

Maia I loved the article. I want to marry Mike! ;) Wow, that must be something else with him cooking for you guys. I was drooling over the avocado garnished dish I saw. Beautiful article Maia!

alliot + iza said...

I enjoy the interview! The editorial of pictures and writings is so nice. Momfilter is wonderful!
It seems no matter how many times I read about Q and your story, I never get tired. I will read carefully from the first to the very last word :) I afraid i will miss something.
Yoli, i love you. You made me laugh so hard :)

kenza said...

Thanks I will check it out! Q look so lovely and peaceful in this photo.

Anonymous said...

Hello Maia :) Checking your blog has been part of my morning routine since maybe over a year ago ~ Call it an addiction! I was checking your Etsy shop, trying to look for two of your drawings: Audrey Aujourd'hui, and this other piece I don't know the title of - it's with a lovely girl with braided hair, pink & red flower top, light blue shoes, playing in the snow with some white tree trunks in the background. Could you please let me know if these two prints are still available? Thank you in advance. I will come and check your comments later :) Merci beaucoup,

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Hi April - thanks for your note! Audrey is a project in progress. Once I have a certain number of outfits for her, I will put her in the shop as a paperdoll with a set of outfits. Since I'm working on a couple of big jobs right now, it may be a bit before I'm able to get her shop-ready, but I'll make an announcement when she is in!!

The other illustration I think you are talking about is the website illustration that I made for Naive Life. If you click on the image in my righthand column, it will take you to her site. She doesn't have the print for sale in her shop, since it was meant as a website image only, but I bet she would be willing to make a listing for it if you email her! She's very sweet and her clothes are gorgeous!! Her name is Fei An.

Fei An said...

Wow, thanks for the link! Maia. I will check it out. And I will take some minutes to read the interview of you! You are such a wonderful person. So glad to meet you and QQ here at this blogspot sphere!

Yanyan said...

What a great interview. Like Alliot said, never tired of reading Q and your story. Everytime I feel so moved by your love. II like momfilter, was very upset when Cookies were discontinued, especially they send me Allure instead :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your prompt response, Maia! I shall wait patiently for Audrey (that's one of my favourite names!) and I will contact Fei An for your wonderful illustration. I hope she will be willing to share it ;)

And also may I ask you - How often do you accept doing commission work and how much do you usually charge? I am interested in getting my brother a gift. He resides in Germany and I'm in Toronto, Canada. I will be visiting him this summer in August and I would like to bring him a housewarming gift when I go on this trip. He has two children, one boy and one girl - my beloved nephew and niece. I would like to give my brother a gift that has them in it. I think they will be thrilled!

Perhaps it would be better to communicate via email. Please contact me when you have the time: eipuriru(at)hotmail(dot)com

And here's my brother's blog link, in case you would like to see how the children look first (to see if they're 'drawable'!):
He hasn't updated the blog since I last visited them this past winter holiday because they were in the middle of relocating.

ChantaleP said...

Heading over there right now!

Rubber Ducky Chronicles said...

SSSOOO excited to be introduced to momfilter. I had no idea it existed until your interview. I too was a subscriber to Cookie and was devastated when they quit publishing it. I thought it was one of the best parenting mags out there, along with Wondertime, which is no longer around.

Dark chocolate and black coffee for breakfast, heaven.