In honour of the royal wedding, Q wore this...
 ..although her only reaction to the event was to point to the prince and say "daddy!"
 Since the afternoon was gray and chill here as well,  we went to the contemporary art museum.
 Always a favorite place to spend some leisure time during inclement weather (or clement weather, for that matter!)

 The cafe and roof gardens have just about the best views in town (not to mention a lovely tea menu!)
 Connect four, Q's favorite game at the moment.
 Funnily enough, they were screening the royal wedding in the cafe, although Q was oblivious to all the pomp and circumstance.

 Sometimes an afternoon of doing nothing in a lovely setting is exactly the right kind of afternoon.


Elisa said...

where do you find such cute outfits? looks like you guys had a fun afternoon!

Anonymous said...

Was this dress custom made or purchased ready made,,, really different,, quite fitting for the day,, she's a sweet heart no matter what she wears,,You'll never mistake her in a crowd in this dress,, lovely,,

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Laurie, it's from, handmade. Isn't it great?

la fille de la plage said...

yeaaah !! i want this dress and i want the jacket !! where did you get that outfir, so gorgeous and trendy !
xx delph

Yoli said...

I love that image with you and her against those mirrored tiles. Just beautiful and so touching. The dress was perfect.

Tamara said...

She wears the flag far better than any official event flagpole I've ever seen. She's totally channeling Sgt. Pepper too. Too cute!

I missed the wedding but totally prefer Will to his papa as future crown-wearer.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Delph, Laurie and Elisa -

These are all pieces from previous seasons, which we were able to cobble together for the occasion! It was a lot of fun inventing an outfit from her closet.
the Union Jack dress is handmade, from
We got it last summer, and absolutely adore it. It gets better with wear. It's one of the few things that still fits her for a second summer, mainly because we bought it a couple of sizes too large!
The jacket is the famous band jacket from the first Stella McCartney for GAP collection. We got it in a size 5Y when she was only 2, because it was the only size they had left in stock! Fortunately it's such a great piece that it works as well oversized as it does undersized :) So we'll get some life out of it!!

jen laceda said...

Gorgeous Q outfit, as usual!! I was laughing my head off when Q called Prince Wills "daddy" ! Cute!

By the way, my word verification is "Lepub" Le pub?

Ling Chan said...

i love her union jack dress! and her beatles a la sargeant pepper jacket!

but the best pic is of you and Q in front of the wall of mirrors. joy!

la fille de la plage said...

thanks for this answer ! xx

akupunyacerita said...

Q! what a dress! cute xD
maia u wore 'batik' scraf ;D
love it :]