And still more of Ten Thousand Waves! It's just such a beautiful place that there are gorgeous photos to be had at every turn!
 Heading out for a day in town (with Keroppi in tow - Keroppi has become Q's object of intense attachment, and so though I may not always welcome him in my photos, he is, at this point, inevitable). Also inevitable is this wonderful checkered skirt made by my friend Yanyan of Suvi Ainoa - it has become our favorite piece this fall.
 Q viewing public art in downtown Santa Fe.
 Aren't these fish wonderful?
 We had to linger for quite some time here...
 Bright local colors.

 In the square, and hiking in the National Forest.
 Back at "home" for another spa visit ;)
 Q and I off for a soak!
 On our last evening, we had the good fortune to dine with some old friends (author Robert Wilder, a school chum of mine from college, and his artist wife Lala) who live in the area, giving Q the opportunity to bounce on the trampoline with their children, whom she adores.
Relaxing in a southwestern sunset.
 Rob and Lala's house is amazing, and I wish I had taken the time to take many, many more photos. Not an inch of space is wasted and each room is like a fresh work of art. Really quite the museum piece!
 But the chatter went on into the evening, and  for once I neglected my camera.


Some Chilean Woman said...

Rob and Lala's house would be a house I could only dream of, how lovely.

susanna said...

What wonderful places you've been to recently! The spa looks gorgeous! I'll have to look it up online and then daydream myself there. The fish sculptures are a great, fun idea. And yes, that checkered skirt on your sweet daughter is very stylish. Come to think of it, Q has a terrific wardrobe. I think you should start styling adults next!

Oh! And those hearts with the arrows on the wall - oh my! What a great that I may have to borrow.

rosanguyen said...

Why do you go to such wonderful places filled with so much culture and "magic" if I can put it like that. Its so exotic! EVERY POST! I swear its like you travel to the msot amazing places!