More of Q at Ten Thousand Waves.

 Fascinated with a tiny birdbath.
 Dancing in the sun motes.
 Funny faces.
"New home"....well, one of many.

PS - Look here to see another sneak peek into my latest illustration project. 


johnny said...

This place looks amazing! and I love how little Q has totally embraced spa style.

Knoopjes said...

I just can't get enough of your beautiful photo's. Q being so curious and yet so at home with her environment! Bliss, pure joy!

Yoli said...

I always love how she mirrors her environment. She is a child that will become a citizen of the world. She will call many places home.

Victoria said...

An adorable little girl. Looks a beautiful place too.

Tamara said...

I love the expressions! I'm so glad you ended up with a little intrepid traveler for a daughter. Beautiful spot as well.

Yoli said...

Maia the link goes back to this blog again, you need to fix it.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

OK, link should be fixed now! Thanks Yoli ;)

Yanyan said...

I would really like to spend a weekend there, better just by myself, let me be selfish once :) Q is lovely as always, I can't stop looking at her face, she has so much character and style.

kitchu said...

i'm not sure if it's this place that is magical, or if Q just brings magic to it :)

FDChief said...

Q is, as always, an alluring enigma:

"Who are these children
Who scheme and run wild
Who speak with their wings
And the way that they smile
What are the secrets
They trace in the sky
And why do you tremble
Each time they ride by?"

MaDaltOn said...

she's a beauty
she's so HERE