Last night, we went to a ceremony hosted by our city's beautious East High School, my father's alma mater.
The ceremony took place at one of our favorite museums, and the evening was magically  beautiful. Our summer weather has yet to let up, but just the faintest crispness of fall in the already crystalline Colorado air makes it pure heaven.
Mum and me traipsing through the rose gardens.

Inside, the ceremony was wonderful - full of joyful memories and life-affirming stories from the honored alumni. We especially enjoyed the East High jazz ensemble which entertained periodically in the course of the evening. What a wonderful school! Maybe our Q might find herself there someday...

The photos of my dad that they found for the centerpieces (plus the wonderful drawing that they pulled from one of his highschool yearbooks...a gem of a piece that we'd never seen before) were superb. And... there was lava cake! I love me some lava cake.

A delightful evening in every way.

btw my father was being honored for his lifetime work as an artist. In his early 20s, he was a "new deal" muralist with the WPA program, and did several murals in public buildings throughout the US. We just a few days ago learned that there is one here in Denver, not fifteen minutes from where we live. Needless to say we'll be taking a trip to see that one soon...we'll keep you posted!


Anne said...

What a wonderful experience! My grandfather was an artist and photographer who also painted a couple murals in public places (post office for one). Of course it's since been painted over and/or destroyed. We have photographs but it's just not the same. Thank you for sharing.

MODsquad said...

Oh, that's awesome! Let us know where it is... we'd love to drive by a take a look!

Jeanne-ming said...

So cool!