Colorado's majestic Collegiate Peaks.
 On their way to the Mt. Princeton hotsprings.

 Mathilda on the scent of some deer among the cabins.
 Drowsy in the car after the hot springs.
 Beautiful farms near Poncha Pass.
 Sunset in my old stomping grounds (we had a ranch near this area when I was small).
 Stopping for dinner in Salida, where I first learned to swim a the local hotsprings pool, and where my father used to kayak in the Arkansas river when I was small...a place of many memories for me.
 Bright colors in Salida's parks.


M and M said...

WOW! Some of your photos are like postcards!


Knoopjes said...

Great photos! Just love the Q feet in the last 2... cozy feet!

cb said...

these are beautiful pictures! your family is so wonderful and love your doggies too!


liza said...

These are so great! We'll be in Salida on Sunday night. I will think of you!