The last days of New Mexico.
 A chestnut at sunset.
 Truchas, high in the hills.
 Breakfast in Taos, and some memories of my childhood.

 The amazing Twirl toystore and playspace. If you're ever in Taos...
 It's a real wonderland. 
From the hobbit-esque balconies and coves to the paper lanterns and fairylights...
 to the marvelously-imagined musical instruments and brightly-painted gates.
At a certain point, when it was time to hit the road again, we had to bodily carry Q out of here!
Well, you can see the attraction.
 Kiddie of the wonderful discoveries at Twirl.
On the road back up North, with stunning Sange de Cristo vistas dusted with snow.


Jeanne-ming said...

That puppy is tooooooo cute! Looks like a great trip. Did you live in NM as a kid?

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

We didn't live anyplace more than two years in a row, Jeanne-ming. But yes, two years of my childhood were spent in Taos!

Yoli said...

This is lovely and that puppy is to die for. Mike must be so in love.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Oh no, my friend. It's not Mike who's in love with that puppy.

kitchu said...

without fail i am nothing short of inspired every time i come here and get to take in the world the way you see it.