When my husband and I were in the early stages of our relationship, still living in Vail, and I was headed off on a little island vacation with my mum for a week or so, he booked us a night in the Hotel Teatro here in Denver as a send-off. It was a terribly romantic gesture and one that swept me right off my feet.

The past few years have been busy ones for us, and we have had precious little time for travel, much less wanton nights in elegant hotels. But sometimes...sometimes you have to make time for romance.
So a few weeks ago, I booked us a single night in the same hotel (even though it's now just a couple dozen blocks from our house) complete with a rose petal turndown. We had a nice dinner in Lodo, spent the night on piles of down, and left early in the morning to resume our busy lives. But Q was mad about the rose petals, and it was a nice reminder that there's always time for a little romance even if you have to squeeze it in.
The color photos are from our recent stay, and the black and whites are from that first night that Mike and I spent at the hotel, some nine years ago. Just a little trip down memory lane.


Simply Mel said...

I absolutely adore that you showcased the before and after of this special place ~ and mostly, I think it is spectacular that Q was along for the 2nd getaway. We do the same thing with the crumb, she is always with us and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Have a wonderful weekend you fabulous THREE!

Guusje said...

How fantastic ! Love the idea, maybe we ought to do that one day.....