First thing Easter morning...
a visit not from the Easter bunny, but from the Mac fairy.
It only took Q 24 hours to appropriate my iTouch (meant to be a birthday present to me from my husband), and "iPod" became one of her first spoken words (along with more, mermaid, and mama). I certainly hope the iPad is not destined for the same fate.
My girl is already more tech savvy than me. Not that that's any great accomplishment, since my skills don't extend beyond blogger and rudimentary photoshop.
But really, it's a little frightening how quickly this generation picks up on the technology of any given electronic device.
Checking out her blogs.
No, that apple sticker isn't meant to be in the middle of the screen. Q is just fond of her stickers. And she can already text better than I can.


rosanguyen said...

Maybe she should guest post one day :)
that'd be adorable,

Yoli said...

I know, it is so natural to them. I think since they do not fear it, they master it faster. I love all the pictures and her little white dress.

Di said...

I think you should send them to Apple - they make a great advert for the IPad.....

Jeanne-ming said...

I have my own IPAD story...all weekend the news has been focused on the IPAD release and the long lines in NY at thier 5th avenue store. the background you can see FAO and in the window, both of them in fact, ARE MY BUNNIES!!!!!!

Each time I see a news cast and a shot of that plaza I leap out of my chair and whoop and holler. My husband shakes his head and rolls his eyes...."Glare honey, window glare."

" I know I know, but ALL those people waiting to get their IPADS will be waiting in in front of my bunnies."

But I am glad you got one and I hope you love it.

Merisi said...

How long until she takes over your blog? ;-)

Everything I know about my Mac I learned from my children. :-)

Happy Birthday to you!

MODsquad said...

Ooh, I need to get the number of the Mac Fairy! Lucky duck!