I should have posted this before Easter, but was so busy last month that I didn't think of it. So...better late than never. Q's dear "auntie" Jeanne-ming is responsible for this amazing line of snugglie things with tons of character and wonderful stories. I can tell you from intimate personal experience that they are beautifully designed and constructed, and made of the softest imaginable fabrics. They are not all adoption-specific, but I am particularly fond of adoption-related items like the BaoBao bear and corresponding BaoBao blanket, which incorporate tokens like the red thread and the ladybug in the sweetest of ways. Q still sleeps every night with the beloved Bao Bao bear that Jeanne-ming sent to her, and woe befalls all of us when the Bao Bao blanket is in the wash. Though she has several fuzzy blankets, the Bao Bao blanket is by far her favorite, and without it she feels naked and exposed. I can't tell you how many times she's dragged it out of the laundry room when it's really too dirty to be tolerated.

And, I mean...those bunny slippers in the picture? Can you stand it??

Go check out the entire Bunnies by the Bay line here. If you live in NYC, you might have seen them in them in the FAO Shwarz Easter windows ;)


Yoli said...

They are beautiful Maia! Little Q is fortunate to have one. I did not know they had an entire line.

Jeanne-ming said...

Oh Maia,
thank you! I didn't see this until last night when Leigh was COMBING your blog.