Is it just me, or do these crack you up?
They crack me up every time I see one.

Come spring, one of my favorite passtimes as Q and I roam around the local 'hoods is to look at funky old cars. We live in a funky old neighborhood, so this is a good part of town for car-watching if you like that sort of thing.

I was delighted to find this one on our stroll this morning.

What's your favorite vintage car?


basho said...

Love it! My favorite vintage car would be a 1966 Lincoln Continental convertible with suicide doors in the back. In my dreams it would be mint green with a white leather interior.

liza said...

That's great!
we have an old beetle... my husband is working on it right now. I love the bug.
But, he showed me this Land Rover the other day... it's for sale in Denver. Kinda love it, too!

A Beautiful Mess said...

my first car was a vintage 1969 Volvo p1800....hunter green. Gaaaw I loved that car. I sold it when we moved to prague for a mere $5000...I could cry right now just thinking about it!!! Now I drive a sensible 3 row far I have fallen LOL!!

I often hint to my husband what a fantastic 25th anniversary present that car would make:)

I found a g00gle image

Gretchen said...

They sure knew how to name em, back in the day. A 1960 Porshe - Roadster always makes me swoon... (along with a '56 T-bird, and a '58 Citroen!)

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Maryellen!!! I'd still be pining for that car, too, if I were you!!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Great answers, all! You're getting me all fired-up for a vintage car post ;)

MODsquad said...

Ha! Fabulous!