Rainy day magic chéz Q.

Happy weekend!

ps - find Q here and here today! ox

tank: le vestiaire de jeanne
leggings: minirodini
crown by mommy


alliot said...

What a coincidence!
Both of us post on rainy days.
The lighting formed a stage for magical Q. LOVE your photos on her with sawyer.
I have dedicated a little post to QQ 2 days ago, it's about an animation: kiki's delivery. In which, the little girl has a cat as her companion.

Jeannette said...

Oh wow....what a wonderful selection of pictures! Truly magical.
They are such sweet little friends.
Have a great weekend, Jeannette

kenza said...

lovely Q, the cat, the hat!
And the game of mikado! one of my favorites! I still play it and introduced it to my husband.

Yoli said...

How sweet!!! She is so in love with her kitten! Maia, the pictures just keep getting better.

Karumen said...

love little Q's interaction with the cat!!

Gigi said...

Those photos of Q and the cat are too much! They made me laugh out loud. Just wonderful, truly. xo

Jeanne-ming said...

she is too cool for words.
I wanna be like Q