A couple of links today:

My collaboration with Le Vestiaire de Jeanne on a line of paper dolls featuring her summer collection, featured right now on:

Macaroon Original



And check out The Q and many other fierce kiddos at Planet Awesome Kid this week!

Oh, and a little addition to the blog: Since I've had so many questions about where I get Q's clothes, I think I'll try to remember to put a little footnote at the bottom of each of her posts telling where they came from.


johnny said...

I love the paper dolls. They are so pretty! And SRSLY - Q steals the show.

liza said...

Congratulations! The dolls are so fun and beautiful. And Q fits right in with the street style on Planet Awesome!

Yoli said...

The paper dolls are going to be a huge hit. Congratulations on the Q gracing Planet Awesome again!!!

Anne said...

The paper dolls look amazing.
You are so talented!

Anonymous said...
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