Lest you think our Easter was reduced to the release of the iPad tablet:
Q's first venture into egg coloring.

As you'll notice, I tried to keep her clothed during this photo shoot, but was only about 50% successful.
Initially, she was only vaguely interested in coloring eggs.
Rolling them in the dye was marginally fun, but she didn't really see the attraction after I told her that one shouldn't drink the colorful liquids.
After a long morning with the extended family at brunch, our dog Sam was tired out.
Q's level of engagement increased substantially when I showed her that one could actually crack open and eat the colored eggs.
This, for her, was the breakthrough. She loves eggs dipped in sea salt.

When I brought out the markers, her interest peaked again, and she did a spectacular job of decorating the dyed eggs.


Guusje said...

♥ Lovely, Maia.

Merisi said...

Great work! :-)

Love the pink hued one,
never thought of trying that.
Maybe next year.

Jocy said...

She is beautiful.

Fei An said...

Happy easter!!!
I wonder why QQ doesn't like to wear clothing:)? for some accasions. Is it very warm alread down there?:)

Joyce said...

She did a beautiful job coloring her eggs! xo