I just ordered this print from sweet Guusje's shop.

When she posted this particular screen print on her blog, it was love at first sight for me. The composition is so lovely - it has that kind of serenity that makes for the images that one remembers from earliest childhood and harks back to throughout life. Also, the colors remind me of Greece, where my parents spent their honeymoon.
Guusje is a prolific creator. Actually I have a hard time imagining how she creates so much with her little ones to chase around! And the thing is, everything she creates is just bursting with joy. You can see it in the colors, the subject matter, the composition.
Whether it's a lantern carved from a carrot, a mobile for an infant's room, or one of her quirky, ebullient screen prints, everything that comes from her hands just radiates happiness and love.

I have for some time now secretly been hoarding handmade things for Q's room. I haven't installed most of them yet - most are hidden in storage in my studio, waiting for the right moment. But I have the design all set up in my mind - how I'll frame and compose and hang them. Some pieces are gifts from creative blog friends, and a very few are purchases from artists I admire.

I have been holding off because at this stage of her life Q has very little interest in her room. She is an extremely active and athletic child, and at this stage her room is only for sleeping...quickly abandoned once she wakes. But I know that at some point her room will begin to become more important to her - a space that is hers and that defines her, a place in the house that belongs to no one else. When she begins to make that distinction, I want her room to be as unique, as beautiful, and as filled with creative things as it can be. I want it to be a space that fosters growth, joy, an adventurous spirit, a secure heart, and, of course, the imagination.

Stay tuned!


Guusje said...

Thank you, dear Maia.
You make my heart sing.
Big kisses for you and Q.
Thank you.



Angie Muresan said...

Oh yes, that time will come. I bet she'll have the most fabulous room, ever.

Daan said...

I heart Guusje and her work! Great post Maia!!